summary ..1870 gaff cutter Emma of Bosham at Fingringhoe & Wivenhoe on River Colne via Exchange & Mart with beautiful lines fine entry flaring topsides neat transom..

Emma of Bosham
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I purchased Emma on 19th December 1990 on an impulse. I was looking through a copy of the 'Exchange & Mart' for a vehicle and just flipped to the 'Boats' section by chance and there was an advertisement for '1870 gaff cutter ... Wivenhoe'.

She lay high up on the mud on the Fingringhoe bank of the River Colne opposite Wivenhoe with the spring tides washing through her. As sad a state as she was, I was struck by her beautiful lines. Her fine entry, her flaring topsides, her sweet run aft, her neat transom.

My faith in her lines was to proove right and she is one of the fastest 24 footers on the East Coast.

The bulk of this site is taken up with Emma's logs - her history; her refits; her cruises; her races; her problems and my solutions. The files are as I wrote them at the time - warts 'n all!.

Lots of pictures and video clips some of which are repeated in the logs.
The technical section deals with her lines, construction, CAD files, chart production, personal tide tables, etc.

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